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For breast lumps, treatment and diagnosis are frequently related. For example, your doctor may insert a needle into a cyst and draw out fluid, both to examine the fluid and to eliminate the cyst. If the fluid is clear and the cyst disappears, your doctor will probably diagnose it as a benign cyst, and no further treatment is needed. Many doctors take the added precaution of having the fluid checked by cytology -- a pathologist's examination of the cells. If a lump does not disappear and is still present after your next menstrual period, your doctor will want to re-examine you.
If the fluid extracted from a suspected cyst is bloody, or if little or no fluid can be extracted, this is potentially a cause for concern, and a biopsy may be ordered to check for cancer. Fibroadenomas can be diagnosed only by biopsy. Surgical removal, usually in a same-day surgical procedure, is considered the only treatment. Nipple adenomas are surgically removed, because they are sometimes associated with breast cancer. Intraductal papillomas are surgically removed before they grow large enough to block the milk ducts.
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